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More than anything else, I truly thrive in projects where I can be a creative rudder; in other words, I love to be an agent of direction on a team filled with curious and generous collaborators. 

Among my featured projects are examples of my design & branding work, where I have brought visions to life in pursuit of scholarly innovation, business success, and/or awareness & advocacy. Other curated samples feature products (and a few works in progress) in which I have operated as a hands-on director, manager, and/or strategist. These projects often feature contributions from talented students that I have been lucky enough to mentor.

Project deliverables include web & interactive media; brand strategy & design; animation; service, experience, and product design; augmented & virtual reality UX; and virtual workshops.

*Please note: this page is under construction, and examples will be readily viewable in the *very* near future! Please reach out directly for examples of specific projects and/or media types.

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